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RVA's Purpose & Funding

Rare Voices Australia (RVA) is Australia's National Alliance for rare diseases. RVA is a not-for-profit, non-Government registered Company advocating for Australians impacted by rare disease. RVA provides a strong common voice to promote for health policy and a healthcare system that works for those with rare diseases. RVA operates under a membership model with over 200 Rare Disease Patient Organisations listed as paid members and represents the rare disease patient perspective. The membership is made up of a vast range of stakeholders including  rare disease Patient Organsiations, Federal and State governments, researchers, health professionals and pharmaceutical industry . RVA aims to advocate for equity within the health care system on areas of need including;  research, diagnosis, treatment and services for all rare diseases in Australia.  RVA is the unified voice of ALL Australians living with a rare disease.  Rare Diseases are not formally or officially recognised by the Australian Government and there is no Australian rare disease policy in place. The data collected on rare diseases is based in international conversative estimates of up to 10% of the total Australian population.

Rare Voices Australia (RVA) was established in response to the consensus call from over 200 national attendees at the inaugural ʻAwakening Australia to Rare Diseasesʼ international symposium held in Fremantle, Western Australia, in 2011. Read more about the outcomes of the WA 2011 symposium.

The Logo


RVA in partnership with the Loft Group Creative Agency developed the new visual identity for the organization. Careful consideration has been given to creating a logo that encapsulates the story of the Rare Disease Community. Ideas of working together as one whilst respecting individuality; and creating movement and positive change out of diversity and challenge were paramount. We hope you like it.


The V Formation

The strongest bird is typically the first bird or the one to provide the primary support for the flock in motion by flying on the tips, producing lifting of the others. By flying as a team in this formation, each bird receives assistance in supporting its own weight in flight. The birds flying at the tip of the formation are rotated to reduce fatigue and allow the weaker birds to gain strength over time. The birds learn and grow as part of the team. The V formation also allows easier communication as the birds keep sight of each other.


The Fingerprint Texture

This idea was one of the strongest of the initial concepts, as it represents the individuality of the people themselves, as well as the many different rare conditions, all connected through Rare Voices. Each person has their own personal story, their own unique journey which they can share with the community as a whole.


Colour Scheme

The warm ochre colour palette represents the Australian community and the distinctive landscape which nurtures it. It also suggests optimism, strength and energy.


RVA's Funding  

RVA is a registered Company Limited by Guarantee and operates under a  membership model and is reliant on grants, donations and project funding. The membership comprises of Not for Profit Patient Organisations, Individuals and Companies (Round Table of Companies).  

RVA also relies on the fundraising efforts of its members, donations of its supporters, grants and project funds from sponsors.

RVA is grateful to all its members, contributors and sponsors.