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Isabel's story

At just five days old, Isabel was diagnosed with Ring Chromosome 9, a genetic disorder so rare she is believed to be the only known case in Australia, and one of only 39 people born with the condition in the world.

Isabel, now 7 years old, required operations soon after birth, including a tracheotomy on her throat to clear her airways. She also has mental and physical disabilities, and is unable to talk.

Isabel’s family knew that the one thing that would have the biggest impact on the quality of her life would be to have an outdoor sanctuary where she could be with her siblings in a calm yet stimulating environment.

With help from the community, Make-A-Wish would like to grant Isabel's wish of a sensory garden to give the family a space where they can spend time outdoors with Isabel, which isn’t something they can do easily at the moment. As well as the immense benefits the new sensory garden will provide for Isabel, her parents Brie and Delwyn hope their involvement with Make-A-Wish will help raise awareness of rare genetic disorders like Isabel’s that often don’t get publicity because so little is known about them.

People can support Isabel's wish for a sensory garden at http://startsomegood.com/Isabelswish

We hope you are able to help make this wish come true, share Isabel's story and help to raise awareness of this rare condition.